UK Menerapkan Kurikulum Baru untuk Materi ICT Sejak 2014

Pemerintah UK selalu melakukan review dan analisis tentang pendidikan dan pengajaran di sekolah.
Yang menjadi pusat perhatian pemerintah UK dalam beberapa tahun terakhir adalah kurikulum ICT yang diajarkan di sekolah-sekolah di UK.

Sejak tahun 2014, pemerintah UK sudah menghapus kurikulum ICT yang lama, menjadi kurikulum nasional bidang computing (National curriculum in England: computing programmes of study)

Kurikulum materi ICT dalam Pendidikan di UK dibagi menjadi 3 tingkatan , yaitu : Key stage 1 (KS 1), Kay stage 2 (KS 2), dan Key stage 3 (KS 3).

Adapun penjelasan masing-masing tingkatan adalah sebagai berikut:

Key Stage 1 (5-6 year-olds): Children will be learning what algorithms are, which will not always involve computers. When explained as “a set of instructions” teachers may illustrate the idea using recipes, or by breaking down the steps of children’s morning routines. But they will also be creating and debugging simple programs of their own, developing logical reasoning skills and taking their first steps in using devices to “create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content”.

Key Stage 2 (7-11 year-olds): Slightly older primary-school children will be creating and debugging more complicated programs with specific goals and getting to grips with concepts including variables and “sequence, selection, and repetition in programs”. They will still be developing their logical reasoning skills and learning to use websites and other internet services. And there will be more practice at using devices for collecting, analysing and presenting back data and information.

Key Stage 3 (11-14 year-olds): Once children enter senior school they will be using two or more programming languages – “at least one of which is textual” – to create their own programs. Schools and teachers will be free to choose the specific languages and coding tools. Pupils will be learning simple Boolean logic (the AND, OR and NOT operators, for example), working with binary numbers, and studying how computer hardware and software work together.

At all these levels, children will also be studying computer and internet safety, including how to report concerns about “content or contact” online.

Materi/Tujuan pengajaran kurikulum ICT yang baru dapat di download di tautan website GOV.UK ini.

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