Programming doesn’t have to be hard to learn

Tynker is one of popular guided learning systems.

In fact, Tynker makes it a straightforward process. One of Tynker’s most important features is that it gives immediate feedback, which is crucial for learning programming. If a child programs an object to move in a certain way and then immediately sees the results she wanted, then she knows she has manipulated the code correctly. This type of instant positive reinforcement is an incredibly powerful educational tool.

Learning how to program is like learning any other language in that the skill must be practiced and tested out. Just as languages open up the ability to communicate with worlds of people, programming gives children the ability to create technologies that impact those around them. With just a computer, kids can use their programming skills to build things that could change the world.

Tynker’s guided learning systems allow kids to choose their own learning path and transition from block-based coding to text coding when they’re ready. If your child likes Minecraft, they’ll love learning to code as they mod Minecraft. And children with a passion for gaming can learn to code as they build their own games.

If your kids aren’t learning how to program, now’s the time to start!

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